About Us

Glam Pillows™ are the hottest (and sparkliest) trend in room decor! Our luxurious reversible sequin pillows add a touch of sparkly flair wherever you choose to put them! Glam Pillows become your own personal canvas, allowing you to change their colors with the swipe of your hand, and the possibilities are endless. Draw pictures, write messages, or create intricate designs, instantly turning your pillow into a work of art!

Described by customers as "magic," "therapeutic," and even "addicting," our reversible sequin pillows have gone viral with over 50 million views on social media. Even some Hollywood celebrities are happy customers of Glam Pillows!

At Glam Pillows, we believe life doesn't sparkle unless you do. Our goal is to bring some sparkle and joy to every home in the world. We take pride in the excellent quality of our products, and promise you won't be disappointed.

We've also added Glam Bags, Glam Jackets, and more so you can even sparkle on the go! Take a look at our selection, check out our new Personalized Reversible Sequin Glam Pillows, or let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to help.

And always remember, never let anyone dull your sparkle!